Launched Indian Cam Chat Live Portal with Round-the-Clock Chatting Facility

June 28, 2016 Launched Indian Cam Chat Live Portal with Round-the-Clock Chatting Facility

June 28, 2016, a reputable chat portal that has got many Indian chat girls who are from different parts of the world, recently announced that their patrons can avail webcam chat services at any point of time in a day., a much popular online chat portal that has managed to find a huge fan base in India, recently made it official that people taking interest in live Indian cam chat can visit and use their site 24 hours a day, or any point of time they feel convenient. The owners stressed on the fact that the female entertainers of the chat community, also known as Indian live chat girls, are from different parts of the world, though majority of them live in India. However, they reassured their patrons through the press that they can access the site and also chat with people online during any point of time in a day.

"Since our Indian cam chat portal features women from all over the world, both Indian women and non-resident Indian women, anyone having a penchant for webcam chatting can choose a convenient time to chat with the lady entertainers on our web chat portal", said a top sales officer of the chat forum.

"As a matter of fact, anyone visiting our site can instantly check how many people are online. We have introduced this feature because we know that the members of the chatting community actually live in different time zones. Therefore, we need to make sure that everyone gets the equal chance to indulge in online erotic chatting", added the sales officer. He also indicated that the site may recruit more Indian chat divas in June and July this year.

The CEO of the Indian cam chat portal delivered a short yet meaningful speech during a press conference while he described Indian cam chatting as an 'emerging but visibly strong' trend. "There was a time when people usually did not want to take part in Indian cam chatting as most of the forums and communities were spreading pure spam and lots of malware. We had to deal with this general perception of people when we first entered this industry. However, gradually we gained trust from our patrons and there's no looking back", he said.

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