Looking to Generate Interest in Indian Webcam Chatting in Small Indian Cities

July 03, 2016 Looking to Generate Interest in Indian Webcam Chatting in Small Indian Cities

July 03, 2016
Singles in Indian small cities and suburbs do not get a lot of choices when it comes to chatting live online with Indian cam girls from other parts of the country. attempts to reverse this trend., a leading chat portal that is also a community of Indian male and female chat members, recently announced that they want to generate interest in live Indian webcam chatting in the smaller cities and suburbs of India where the internet has been able to penetrate. The owners of the chat community informed that the internet and Smartphone boom in the remotest parts of the country has led them to believe that there's an expanding market of webcam chat services beyond the big city borders. They said that they now want to aggressively promote their live cam services in the lesser known cities and suburbs of the country.

"It is a great boon of technology and the positive steps taken by the government itself that people of the country, irrespective of where they reside, can get easy access to the internet. This is the biggest reason why now want to promote our specialized services to different parts of the country, in big cities of course and even beyond that", said a top marketing and promotions executive of the web based enterprise. He also indicated that they might recruit Indian webcam models from different Indian cities and suburban areas. now operates as a part of a vast and rapidly growing affiliate network and the site is operated by a group of enterprising Indians who thought taking Indian webcam chatting to every Indian household would open a new avenue for friendship, cooperation and matchmaking possibilities for the Indian users of the site. While a significant percentage of the male members of the community are Westerners and people from other parts of Asia, the site is by nature and purpose an Indian cam live chat portal dedicated to its Indian entertainers and patrons.

"We have come a long way since the early days of the internet when people used to be apprehensive of web chatting and we believe that the introduction of the new features on the chat portal would help us in taking our business beyond the city borders", said the CEO of the company.

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