Sets Forty as Upper Age Limit for the Indian Cams Chatting Girls and Models

June 30, 2016 Sets Forty as Upper Age Limit for the Indian Cams Chatting Girls and Models

June 30, 2016
While a lot of Indian chat portals feature elderly Indian women and a certain section of their patrons also like to chat with elderly Indian women, raised the bar for contemporary online adult chat industry., a fast growing chat that was set up to sate the hidden desires and cravings of the online adult chat enthusiasts, recently set an upper age limit for the Indian cams girls willing to join the chat community. The owners of the chat portal said that the purpose of setting an upper limit for all the new applicants is to make the site more attractive to the eyes of the potential male members of the community.

"Many of our patrons have expressed via mail that they want to chat with younger females from India. While we had no such age caps earlier, we decided to give it a shot as this is clearly the demand of the hour", said a recruitment officer working for the internet-only enterprise. He also said that their recruitment drive is on and they will soon recruit more numbers of younger girls from across India.

"It does not mean that we are ending our professional relationships with the elderly Indian cams girls featured on the website. However, Indian cam girls who would be recruited from now on would be chosen on the basis of their age, attractiveness quotient and smartness level. We want to make the best chatting portal of all and putting an age cap is the most sensible thing to do at this moment", added the recruitment officer.

The CEO of the Indian cams chatting portal said that they want to make Indian cam chatting popular outside India as well. As a primary target, they are trying to gain traction in the East Asian countries. "However, we need pretty faces. Online chatting enthusiasts are very picky these days and they are rightly so. Therefore, we need to serve them with what they need. We believe our professional entertainers or the Indian cams girls will do their bit to contribute to the growth and expansion of the chatting portal and community", he said during a press conference held in his office.

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